Why use a greenhouse?

Growing is all about control and a greenhouse lets you control your plants environment and improve its exposure to the elements whilst increasing productivity.

What is a shadehouse?

A shadehouse protects your plants from the sun and wind and is used mainly for non productive plants and flowers.

Do you supply nationally?

Yes.  We are equipped to supply and assemble if necessary Australia-wide.

Do you custom make greenhouses and shadehouses?

Yes.  We are more than happy to custom build for any shape of structure required.  We will work in close consultation with you to ensure your growing needs are met.

Can you build my greenhouse?


Do you sell to the public?

Yes.  Trade and Wholesale pricing is also available upon application.

Is Argosee a local company?

Argosee is a family owned and operated West Australian business employing local people.

Where do you get your products from?

We endeavour to source the best products with latest technology from around the world including USA, Holland, Israel, China, Japan and of course within Australia.

Do you manufacture locally?

Yes.  We manufacture all of our shade houses, Poly Tunnels and Pipe Frame Multispan greenhouses in our workshop in Walliston, WA.