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Argosee is proud to be the Australian Distributor of Wadsworth Greenhouse Controls which we have found the product to be extensive in ability and extremely user friendly.

We have been successfully installing the Envirostep for almost 2 years without any problems which bears no shadow to Wandsworth’s many years of successful business in the USA.

Get some prices from us and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how they defy the myth of expensive computer systems.

Wadsworth’s EnviroSTEP is a fully integrated computer that controls a single zone.

Growers with multiple greenhouses can combine EnviroSTEP, VersiSTEP and microSTEP/SA computers.

With the EnviroSTEPs 12 outputs you can control the majority of quipment in your greenhouse including temperature, humidity, energy curtains, lighting, CO2, irrigation, misting and fog.

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