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Features include:

  • 10.6m span—any length
  • Up to 3.2m clearance under truss
  • Larger plastic road barriers with 5 year warranty—no star pickets
  • 24v DC motors with ramp up—adjustable speed up to 10m/min ramp down
  • Solar powered with capacity to move 10-20 times per day
  • Automated with rain switch operation
  • Wind rated to 42m/second
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Crane lift able in large sections for moving sites
  • Can be containerised
  • Camera available with remote access software
  • Hot dip galvanised steelwork
  • 3 part fully welded trusses
  • 180 u/m polythene covering with 3 year warranty
  • Gutters are integral to the design and drain to one end
  • Installation on land that is flat and less than a 2% incline
  • Price with specification
  • Patent Applied
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