LA-12 Closed Thermal Energy Screen 65%

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Thermal Screen Shading/Energy (Inside Close Type)
Shading Rate:65%
Energy Saving:62%
Main Material:Aluminium film, Pet film, Pet yarn.
Addictive:UV. Drip proof stabilizer, Light stabilizer.
Color:Silver and Clear
Shrinkage rate:≤1.5%
Function: Sun shading and reflection; energy saving
Characteristics:Sun shading in summer; water saving, energy saving in winter, anti-wind, anti-rain, anti-drip below the screen ,also protect and decrease frost on the surface of the plants
Warranty:Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering, see our limited warranty for all terms, conditions.
Usage:This products can be installed in all kinds of greenhouse.
Application:Inside of greenhouse , manual or automated screen systems

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